Should you plant shrubs or tree’s near your Sprinkler System?

When planting shrubs or trees throughout your lawn, you’ll want to be conscious of where your sprinkler system is if its already installed. Tree roots, especially River Birch and Silver Maples have roots easily capable of crushing the lawn sprinkler lines and blocking the flow of water. These can also crush the sprinkler heads or even the valves themselves in some cases.

Some indications that you may have a root restriction would be, but not limited to: Extremely good pressure to only one lawn sprinkler head or part of the zone while no pressure or poor pressure to the rest.  A humming or buzzing sound out in the yard near a tree or bush. Water bubbling up through the ground near a tree or shrub.


These can be costly repairs sometimes depending on the size or the tree roots needing to be removed. You’ll want to be sure to contact a lawn sprinkler professional before doing any planting to help avoid a much costlier issue down the road.

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