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indexAs your landscape matures, you’re Omaha lawn irrigation system may become inefficient. Plants grow

As your landscape matures, you’re Omaha lawn irrigation system may become inefficient. Plants grow and cover-up sprinklers. Heads may become clogged with mineral deposits. Pipes may start to corrode or break. If you’re looking to upgrade or retrofit your system, we can offer our expertise in making your system work right.

If you are in need of having your sprinklers repaired, Midwest Sprinkler Service and Sales in Omaha is the company for you. Our expert irrigation technicians are trained to troubleshoot the oldest to newest sprinkler systems in the industry. Even if your sprinkler system consists of old brass and cooper parts we can take care of your system. Our irrigation technicians can repair anything including broken heads, valves, manifolds, leaks, timers and rain sensors.

By choosing Midwest Sprinkler repair services you can have the peace of mind that you have selected a sprinkler and irrigation company that will keep your lawn irrigation system running all year round and your yard will remain beautiful season after season!

Lawn Sprinkler Repair Omaha

Lawn Sprinkler Repair

Broken Lawn Sprinkler

Lawn Sprinkler repair Omaha

Lawn Sprinkler Repair

Proper Lawn Sprinkler Repair

In the picture on the left you  see what another company did to try and repair this broken pipe.  This is NOT the right way to do it. Many companies  giving their employees such a large work load they simply don’t have the time to fix things properly.  At Midwest Sprinkler Service and  Sales  technicians are given ample time at every job to make sure the job is done correctly the first visit to prevent any costly repeat service calls for the customers.

Rain Sensor for your Sprinkler System

Did you know that the Metropolitan Utilities District in Omaha projects the cost of water in 2014 at 1 dollar for every 328 gallons of water?  Doesn’t sound too bad right?

Rain Sensor

Rain bird Rain Sensor

Well the average 5 zone sprinkler system uses 2250 gallons every time you water. Multiply that by the 3 to 4 times a week you water 6750-9000 gallons every week. That’s $27.44 a week to water your grass with the smallest of sprinkler systems. For every zone over 5 you have the cost to water increases by $7.31 each week. Therefore, a 7 zone system would cost $42.07 a week to keep your grass green through summer. Now why waste water or your money by letting your system run any of the days contributing to Omaha’s average of 32.56 inches of rain. A wireless rain sensor installed for $120 will automatically stop your system from running when it rains. At the same time you will have peace of mind that you will never waste your money watering during or after a storm again. The units can more than pay for themselves the first year with an average years rainfall. Having a remote Rain Sensor shut-off device is a good way to conserve water. Metropolitan Utilities District is offering a $50 rebate on any rain sensor device installed by a licensed lawn sprinkler contractor.
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How to turn on your lawn sprinkler system

If you haven’t turned your lawn sprinkler system on yet for the year, its definitely time to start thinking about it.  There are just a few easy steps to know before turning your sprinkler system on.


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First you’ll want to make sure any hose spigots tied to the sprinkler system out in the yard are closed, and pit cocks (tiny brass fittings on your backflow) are also closed. You do this by turning them perpendicular to the direction the pitcocks are facing. Next you’ll want to make sure ball valves on your backflow are open. You do this by making sure the valves are turned parallel to the direction the pipe and fitting are running. Finally you’ll want to know how many drains were left open inside in the previous fall. Usually there is just one and sometimes it is even only outside the home. These are usually a quarter turn ball valve with one end not connected to anything or a gate valve which looks like a hose spigot also not connected on one side. Make sure these are closed before turning water on to avoid flooding the basement. Usually the water turn on to the sprinklers system will be right next to the main water shut off to the whole building. Make sure you turn the right one to avoid shutting the entire building down. Also when turning the system on, it is vital you do so very slowly. You don’t want to send a surge of water down stream and blow any valves or pipes apart outside. Once the water is on and the backflow has sealed and you can hear water stop running its time to go outside and check for leaks.

When checking your system for leaks,  you’ll first start with the most susceptible part of the system, the backflow unit. These are the pipes exposed next to the building outside usually. Look for any active drips or water spraying. Just because you see a little water doesn’t mean its necessarily a leak however as the back-flows do dump water until they seal up under pressure. Once everything checks out with those pipes you’ll want to open the box with a green lid in your yard to do a visual inspection of the valves in the ground. A little water isnt necessarily a leaking valves. Some valve boxes will collect runoff and almost always be wet inside. Again here, look for the obvious leaks. Next, you’re ready to turn the system on and check all the heads individually.

When inspecting your sprinkler system you’ll want to look for a number of things that mean your system isn’t operating properly. A few signs would be water excessively pooling around heads, heads spraying water much less than 30 feet (could be a leak in the line somewhere in the yard), certain areas of the yard not shutting off no matter what you do sbort of shutting water main down, or the system not turning on all together. If you notice things like this, its time to call Midwest Sprinkler Service and Sales at 402-964-2224 to schedule an appointment to have your lawn sprinkler system inspected professionally and possibly repaired.

Should you plant shrubs or tree’s near your Sprinkler System?

When planting shrubs or trees throughout your lawn, you’ll want to be conscious of where your sprinkler system is if its already installed. Tree roots, especially River Birch and Silver Maples have roots easily capable of crushing the lawn sprinkler lines and blocking the flow of water. These can also crush the sprinkler heads or even the valves themselves in some cases.

Some indications that you may have a root restriction would be, but not limited to: Extremely good pressure to only one lawn sprinkler head or part of the zone while no pressure or poor pressure to the rest.  A humming or buzzing sound out in the yard near a tree or bush. Water bubbling up through the ground near a tree or shrub.


These can be costly repairs sometimes depending on the size or the tree roots needing to be removed. You’ll want to be sure to contact a lawn sprinkler professional before doing any planting to help avoid a much costlier issue down the road.

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Signs you may have leaky heads, bad valves, or other issues without seeing your system run

So we have had a pretty mild summer, however with it being a bit dryer these last few weeks your lawn will show certain signs that your system may not be up to par. Since many systems run in the early morning hours and you arent usually awake to visually inspect the system, here are some signs that you may have issues that you can spot without seeing the lawn sprinkler system run.

12-2Do you notice bright green spots where the grass seems to grow much faster than the rest of the yard? Usually this is do to seals that have failed on your sprinkler heads which can waste a considerable ammount of water. It could also be that over time the heads have settled and are now too low to water your lawn evenly. Either way it causes water to pool around the sprinkler heads causing these bright green circles.

Another dead giveaway of an issue would be when you notice a long bright green strip surrounded by grass that seems to be less healthy (yellowing or brown grass). This is what happens when the gears in your larger sprinkler heads, a.k.a. rotors, have stripped and the head is no longer rotating.

Do you have entire sections of grass in your lawn that seem stressed or not as green as other areas? This could be due to a valve failing, causing an entire section of your lawn not to get water.

Is there an area of your lawn that never dries out and is always soaking wet when you mow? This can be due to the valves failing and not shutting off completely allowing water to constantly flow from the lowest point in elevation on that particular zone. A good way to be certain is to make sure all water using devices inside are shut off, then go watch your water meter. There will be a small dial that will rotate with the smallest ammount of water being used.

Regardless of the issue, Midwest Sprinkler Service and Sales can diagnose and correct the issue just as fast as you were able to read this, and have you back on track to having the greenest lawn in the neighborhood!

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