Drip Irrigation System

Omaha Drip Irrigation System

At Midwest Sprinkler, our mission is to help you save time, water, and money, by the most efficient and effective sprinkler system for your Omaha home or commercial property. Drip irrigation systems are the perfect solution to conserve water, while keeping your lawn looking beautiful season after season!

While traditional sprinklers emit lots of water in a short period of time, drip irrigation systems offer a more controlled method of water delivery. Drip irrigation hoses slowly allow water to flow directly into grasses’ root systems throughout the day. Drip irrigation systems may consist of drip emitters or “trickle tape,” a hose filled with miniscule perforations to allow small amounts of water to flow through its surface. For an alternative to traditional sprinklers, Midwest Sprinkler can design and install a drip irrigation system in your Omaha property,

With a drip irrigation system from Midwest Sprinkler, you can essentially eliminate water runoff and waste. Traditional sprinklers spray large amounts of water onto the surface of grass and plants, which can let valuable water to run off your property before it’s ever absorbed. Fortunately, a Midwest Sprinkler drip irrigation system delivers water directly to the root system, where a gradual flow of water is absorbed straight from the soil into the roots, allowing for more precision and less waste.

Installing a drip irrigation system from Midwest Sprinkler not only helps you conserve water and fertilizer, it’s a huge money saver for many of our Omaha customers. A standard sprinkler system uses between 1 and 5 gallons of water per minute; while a drip irrigation system would use the same amount in the course of an hour. Less water means more money for you!

Keep your lawn looking great all year round, with less hassle and less money! Call the Omaha sprinkler experts at Midwest Sprinkler today and ask about a drip irrigation system for your property!