Lawn Sprinkler Repair

Leading Omaha sprinkler repair for any problem and every brand


Repairs like this root restriction can cost you hundreds of dollars, so call us today if you need your lawn sprinkler systems lines located  moved!

Don’t let a problem with your Omaha sprinkler system stop you from enjoying your summer! The sprinkler experts at Midwest Sprinkler can guarantee same-day emergency service to get your lawn sprinklers up and running in no time at all. Midwest Sprinkler can service all brands and solve virtually any sprinkler problem.

Our expert irrigation technicians are trained to troubleshoot the oldest to newest sprinkler systems in the industry. Even if your sprinkler system consists of old brass and copper parts, we can find a solution to your sprinkler problem. The Omaha professionals at Midwest Sprinkler quickly solve the most common irrigation issues such as broken heads, valves, manifolds, leaks, timers and rain sensors.

Our Omaha team guarantees outstanding customer service and professionalism; if you have a problem with your sprinkler, a friendly and knowledgeable Midwest Sprinkler technician is just a phone call away. Our Omaha lawn sprinkler repair services include:

  • Repair and/or Replace Sprinkler Timers (Clock)
  • Repair and/or Replace Broken Sprinkler Heads
  • Add New Sprinkler Heads or Entire Zone(s) of
  • Sprinkler Heads Drip Systems
  • Repair Broken Sprinkler Pipes and/or Fittings
  • Install, Repair and/or Replace Automatic Rain Sensors
  • Check System for Coverage & Operation of all
  • Heads & Zones
  • Diagnose & Repair Low-Pressure Problems
  • Sprinkler Leaks Found & Eliminated
  • Detect & Repair Cut Sprinkler Wires
  • Locate, Repair and/or Replace Sprinkler Solenoid Valves
  • Sprinkler Maintenance Programs

Don’t know what the problem is? Our sprinkler experts can help diagnose and solve the issue.

For fast and friendly lawn sprinkler repair solutions, turn to the trusted experts at Midwest Sprinkler.

How to spot a few of the most common sprinkler problems: