Lawn Sprinkler Upgrades

Omaha Lawn Sprinkler System Upgrades

If you’re using an outdated sprinkler system, you’re letting money and water go down the drain!

On the right: a new sprinkler system from Midwest. On the left: a sprinkler system from   the other guys.

Investing in an upgraded sprinkler system from Midwest Sprinkler can help you maintain beautiful outdoor spaces at your Omaha home, while saving money, time and water.

Sometimes a problem with your sprinkler system is a quick fix, but if you notice that your Omaha sprinkler system leaves your lawn with brown spots, requires constant repairs, or wastes money, it is probably time to upgrade your Omaha sprinkler system. The lawn sprinkler repair experts at Midwest Sprinkler can help test the efficiency of your system to let you know if your old sprinkler system needs to be upgraded.

Many Omaha homeowners still try to make do with old sprinklers made of dated brass and copper parts; in reality, an upgraded systems saves home and property owners time, money and hassle. Upgraded irrigation systems from Midwest Sprinkler utilize the newest water conservation technology which are better for the environment and for your wallet!

Enjoy the newest features in lawn care technology with an upgraded lawn sprinkler system from Midwest Sprinkler. Our new sprinkler systems can include remote activation and deactivation, weather adjustment technology, and prevent over-watering. Best of all, an upgraded sprinkler system comes hassle free with the installation and design expertise of the professionals at Midwest Sprinklers.

Get the most out of your outdoor spaces, with the most effective and efficient sprinkler systems from Midwest Sprinkler of Omaha.