Sprinkler Turn On

Omaha Lawn Sprinkler Turn On Services

Nebraska weather is anything but predictable…so how do you know when and how to safely turn on your Omaha sprinkler for the spring season? Forget the guesswork, and let the lawn experts at Midwest Sprinkler handle the turn-on process for you.

Winters can be hard on your sprinkler system, so when we turn on your sprinklers, we inspect and readjust every sprinkler head and, if needed, reset the sprinkler controller to ensure proper water coverage. In one quick visit, the Midwest Sprinkler experts can get your sprinkler system ready for the hottest days of the summer.Turning on your sprinklers too early can result in backflow, freezing, and serious pipe damage. To avoid these costly mistakes and prevent poor water coverage, just give the experts at Midwest Sprinkler a call! We can also help you determine the perfect time to activate your sprinklers, usually between early April and mid-May.

Schedule a Spring Turn-on appoint with the friendly professionals of Midwest Sprinkler today!