Irrigation and Lawn Sprinkler Videos

Lawn sprinkler emergency? Don’t panic. It takes professional irrigation experts to proper repair and winterize your lawn sprinkler system, but if you need a quick fix while you’re waiting for the pros, here are a few helpful videos from Erik Fester, owner and operator of Midwest Sprinkler Service and Sales.


Video: How to shut off your sprinkler in an irrigation emergency

The valve shown in the video is a quarter turn ball valve. If the valve in your basement looks similar to your house’s hose spigot,(valve in video is a quarter turn ball valve, if the valve in your basement looks similar to what your hose spigot looks like it will need to be turned clock-wise to shut off. (Note: Sometimes these spigots can be extra difficult to turn!)

VIDEO: What your RPZ back flow should look like when it is in the ‘on’ position.

VIDEO: Getting your sprinklers ready for winter!

When the weather dips below freezing, your sprinklers needs to be properly winterized in order to prevent pipes from freezing. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a substitute for professional sprinkler winterization, but it can buy you some time before ground pipes freeze. If the leaves are changing colors, it’s time to call Midwest Sprinkler Service in Omaha, NE.

VIDEO: Alternative Emergency Irrigation Shutoff

If you can’t easily reach the main shut off inside your home or office, you can still shut off your irrigation system in the even of an emergency using the RPZ back flow. IMPORTANT NOTE: This method only shuts the water off and doesn’t drain the water out of the back flow. Left this way, the water will freeze the pipes below 32°. For complete winter pipe protection, call the sprinkler experts at Midwest Sprinklers in Omaha, NE.

VIDEO: How to make sure that your sprinkler PVB is turned ON

VIDEO: How to make sure that your sprinkler PVB is turned OFF

If you’ve forgotten to call you lawn sprinkler service to winterize your system the weather is about to dip below 32,° this is what your pressure vacuum breaker  (PVB) should look like provided water is first shut off. By doing this, you can buy yourself a few days before your pipes freeze. In order to protect your pipes for the long winter, call Midwest Sprinklers in Omaha, NE.